Monday, September 20, 2010

Field trip to Farm Science Review

       So, I am getting things ready to take my students on a field trip to Farm Science Review held in London, OH. Farm Science Review is put on by The Ohio State University and is in its 48th year. There are several hundred test plots and millions of dollars worth of machinery brought every year!
       After discussing this field trip with other teachers this summer, I came up with an assignment for the students to complete while on the trip.  Some teachers just let their kids run loose for the whole day. I hate that. Those are the kids that are causing problems.
        Anyhow, so this assignment I have created should be very easy for the kids to complete. I told them it should only take them about 45 mins. to do if they did it right away.  All they have to do is:
  • Interview two vendors and get their picture with them.
  • Describe two pieces of machinery they saw.
  • When eating lunch, list how many of their food items contain some form of corn.
  • Visit The Ohio State University, College of Food, Agricutural, Environmental Science booth building and learn about the university.
       After showing a couple of the students, they were already complaining about it. Mostly because the assignment is front and back because I gave them room to write. One student commented, "Bender....this trip is suppose to be a vacation day from school to let us just chill out." I was like,"Uhh no. This is an extended learning opportunity for you."  Needless to say........I didn't get my point across. He left class still complaining, so I look forward to reading his assignment about the trip. 
        Why do kids complain so much just to do a little bit of work?  I don't remember being like that when I was in school. You get there, do the work and then be done with it!

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