Sunday, January 9, 2011

Engaging Educators in using Social Media Series

As I look back on this last year and what I have accomplished and been involved in, one main thing sticks out and that is my involvement with exploring and utilizing different social media tools especially Twitter. I  have found that using social media has helped me find information for some of my interests, networking with people from all over the world, and find resources to use in my teaching.

Today, there are many businesses taking advantage of utilizing these tools as part of their marketing campaigns to interact with their consumers.  There are even some schools utilizing these tools quite effectively.  Here are a couple of examples -

At Madison High School in Middleton, OH, because of a high interest in social media, six seniors were chosen to blog about their senior year. This blog featured on the school website. See news article here.

Texas Tech Department of Agricultural Education and Communications professors even teach courses on utilization of social media tools. See news article here.

We, as teachers, need to engage ourselves in social media to be able utilize many of the tools not only for finding resources to use in lessons and networking and interacting with other social media users, but to also be able to teach our students productive ways of using these tools. How can students be taught how to use these tools effectively if there teachers aren't engaged in their use first.

Over the next few posts I plan to share some of the social media tools that I have explored and used with some tips and tricks that I have learned myself and from others. Keep tuned for information on Twitter, Diigo, Facebook Fan Pages, YouTube, and more.

Now, I have a challenge for you all-


  - If you are not currently engaged in using social media, choose one tool to try out and explore in the next few weeks, even if it is for just a few minutes each day.

  - If you are engaged in using social media, either explore a SM tool that you have not used before and/or share and get a non-user to begin using a twitter tool that you have found effective.

Post by Drew Bender

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