Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recruiting Campaign Time!

For Agricultural Education and FFA Programs, recruitment is very important. If most schools are like mine, students should be getting ready to schedule their classes in the next couple of months. All students are different and therefore will want to sign-up and take Ag Ed classes for different reasons next year. Some people say it’s because of the teacher’s attitude and personality that will recruit the students to their classes regardless of what classes that teacher teaches. Others say it is the opportunities through the FFA that bring the kids in.  Students may even sign-up because they just want to learn the content in the classes.
I say it has to be a good mixture of all between the teacher, the classes and the FFA.
Last week one of my classes made me proud. We started our recruitment campaign at the middle school. They also are planning two more events next week during National FFA Week for the middle school students again and the high school students. 
The one thing I am proud about is that these activities are planned and carried out by the students on the Recruitment Committee. I helped shape the ideas when needed, but the students have really taken the initiative for planning and carrying out these activities. Last week my students spoke with the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students for a few minutes describing what we do in our Agricultural Education classes and the opportunities through FFA activities. 
Next week at the middle school they are going to do a food science activity with just the 8th graders. The activity will have the 8th grade students consume two sets of gummy bears and see if those students can determine which gummy bears have sugar and which are sugarless. They got this idea from their trip to the Farm Science Review this last fall from the Food Science students who are studying at The Ohio State University in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Enviromental Sciences.
I thought this was a great idea to show the middle school students that our Agricultural Education Program encompasses many different aspects of agriculture and is not just a class to just learn how to farm or to just run chainsaws.

So what are you and your students doing to recruit for your Ag Ed Program and classes?? Please leave a comment and share

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